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kins: keith kogane, joker p5

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some nsfw present softblock to break mutuals usa pansexuality is bi/transphobic i'm an anti i'm VERY critical of media JPN/ENG OK! voltron disclaimer

hi, i'm ren

24 ✰ he/him ✰ white ✰ bisexual

:) anime, klance voltron, maneki nekos, arcades, "y2k"+80s aesthetic, rpgmaker horror, oldweb (geocities etc):( bnha, snk, proshippers, tiktok, terfs, mogai, tumblrs with no themes, harry potter, crypto/AI

re: my interest in voltron

i am fully aware that voltron, and the voltron fandom, is absolute shit and i do not condone/support the show in any way whatsoever. i in fact hate voltron: legendary defenders with a passion, and the bedrock of my engagement with it is critical. however, i'm attached to keith & lance and their ship, klance, so i still interact with voltron to some extent in order to pursue that interest. it's a terrible show though and i would not recommend it to anyone; i engage primarily with my own content and no one else's. i have nothing but criticism for the actual show and it's creators. thanks!